Ante Kardum


Ante Kardum is a sweet, lovely boy from Zadar – a beautiful old town on the enchanting dalmatian cost in Croatia. During the cruel war in Croatia (1991-1996) his mother was killed and little Ante was in her embrace. Unfortunately, his mother died right away, and little Ante remained without his left leg, up to the knee.

Nowdays he lives in Zadar with his father and his aunt (Ante’s mother sister) who looks after after him. They can’t afford a good life to the little boy. The main problem is the constant changing of the artificial part of his leg, as he rapidly grows up, and it needs quite often a new extending which is expensive. His father is a bus driver - possibly has got retired by now - and he can not afford to Ante something like that.

This lovely support and kind project we are doing together, might help a little and perhaps facilitate a bit his awful and cruel tragedy.

If you want to participate in our project please purchase my CD or contact me at: ivanamarija.vidovic [at]


Thank you all for joining me!


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